partsWe have started a KOTEM Blog has decided as part of our new website design to start a blog section in which we will we discuss and posting on various topics of interest about metrology and metrology software as it affects you and your entire enterprise.

Why is Kotem blogging?

Kotem has for over twenty-five years we have been building and developing geometric dimensional software for the many industries and have learned a lot in the process.  We want to share our insights, start conversations with you about the hard things (we do not shy away from them) and hear what you think and the problems you are trying to solve.

Leading people in the industry contributing to our blog posts that we think you will find informative and interesting. Maybe even spark some health discussions with you.

We invite you to submit topics that you are interested in or if you would like to be a contributor or submit a posting.  If you are interested Contact Us.

Ray Stahl

Ray Stahl is the Director of Business Development at Kotem Ltd. Prior to working at Kotem Ltd., he was a co-founder of a successful SaaS company that he sold in 2016. Ray has held senior positions in Sales, Marketing, and Business Development. Ray is a Lean Six-Sigma Black-Belt and holds a master of business and information technology management.