KOTEM introduces EVOLVE SPC, which is a full statistical process control program that can be used as either as a standalone product with existing measuring systems or integrated into the EVOLVE Suite. EVOLVE SPC provides information which is connected to the 3D CAD model, shows statistics and graphs, making it easier to visualize process variations by characteristic. Legacy measurement data can be converted to model-based data using an easy-to-use wizard.

EVOLVE SPC is easy to install and get running right away but has the full power and strength of complete database to manage your data when you need but without the hassle of managing it up front. The database just works and is invisible if you do not.

3D CAD Model-Based

Information is easily visualized in the 3D CAD model, tables and graphs make it easier to see process variations by characteristic.

EVOLVE SPC User interface

Monitor Multiple Machines

Monitor one or more measurement machines, allowing real-time updates and tracking of the current manufacturing state.

EVOLVE SPC Real time

Basic and Advanced Reporting

Create and customize detailed PDF reports or take advantage of our one-click Composite Excel or Graphing PDF reports.










  • 3D CAD model based
  • Visualization of data points by a graph, table, and CAD representation
  • Basic and advanced reporting
  • One or multiple measurement inputs
  • Real-time control charts and gage R&R to monitor processes while being able to investigate specific issues
  • Full database to support data trends and long-term analysis