EVOLVE SPC is a full statistical process control software that can be used as either a standalone product with existing measuring systems or integrated into the EVOLVE Suite.

EVOLVE SPC information is visualized in the 3D CAD model as tables and graphs, making it easier to see process variations by characteristic. Legacy measurement data can be converted to model-based data using a simple wizard.

EVOLVE SPC is easy to install and get running right away but it also includes a powerful database, saving you the headache of separate database management. The database is available if you need it and invisible if you do not.


3D CAD Model Based

Statistical information is introduced in interactive charts and characteristics can be easily connected to the CAD model to be able to clearly identify them. Analyse your data on I-MR, Xbar-R or Xbar-S charts or use one of our over twenty customizable charts.

EVOLVE SPC User interface

Real Time Process Control

Monitor one or more measuring devices, allowing real-time updates and tracking of the current manufacturing state. Gives immediate visual feedback for the operator if any rule violation is detected.

EVOLVE SPC Real time

Basic and Advanced Reporting

Create and customize detailed PDF reports or take advantage of our one-click predefined Excel or Graphing PDF reports. Build company report templates for Excel for your company’s statistical reporting.










  • Full database to support data trends and long-term analysis
  • Visualize positional tolerances in 3D space
  • Apply the suggested ReTolerance and ReTarget values to correct a process
  • Perform a Gage R&R study