Improved 3D Fitting Software Solves Complex Manufacturing Problems

Airbus relies on SmartFit software (inset), by Kotem Technologies, to increase assembly speed and enhance quality during final assembly of the A380, the world's first true double-deck jetliner.

Kotem Technologies, a leading developer of GD&T (Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing) and fitting software for precision metrology, announces a number of enhancements to its popular SmartFit® 3D best-fitting and analysis software. Taking measured part data from popular CMM, video, and laser metrology systems, SmartFit 3D troubleshoots manufacturing processes and finds the best coordinate system for machining and assembly. This uniquely capable software assesses profile tolerances on complex surfaces, provides advice on corrections by simulation, and solves misalignment and location problems so that parts can be repositioned.

Customers worldwide count on innovative SmartFit 3D technology in critical manufacturing and assembly tasks. At Airbus, SmartFit is used in final assembly of the world's first true double-deck jetliner, the 555-passenger A380.

Airbus relies on SmartFit software during final assembly of A380 fuselage sections, the central structure of the aircraft that contains the passenger and cargo departments. With its three-dimensional fitting capabilities, SmartFit has increased assembly speed and enhanced quality.

The newest version of SmartFit 3D, available now, enhances these capabilities with improved visualization and data control, and simplifies the user experience with a redesigned Graphical User Interface (GUI) and expanded import/export functionality.

SmartFit 3D includes unique new graphical capabilities for the visualization of objects and surfaces in three dimensions, which allow quality control and manufacturing specialists to "see" the secrets of their processes. New functions such as transparency, silhouette, perspective view, light positioning, advanced zoom, the ability to simultaneously view multiple renderings, and color deviation add resonance to a virtual environment where even hidden part features and attributes become apparent. An expanded set of commands allows greater control over geometry data, which combine with advanced best-fitting mathematical methods to achieve desired results. GUI enhancements include customizable menus, toolbars, and docking windows to make the process easier to operate and configure. Import and export functions are extended with the new SmartFit Model (SFM) format, a single, compact file format that contains both the original model and any changes to it.

"These enhancements to SmartFit 3D simplify the user experience while providing greater insight into the manufacturing process," says Kotem Technologies president and founder Kostadin Doytchinov. "SmartFit 3D software is trusted worldwide to assist skilled manufacturing, design, and inspection engineers in identifying process weak points and the actions needed to improve results. This new version offers numerous design and technology enhancements that expand and develop its capabilities."

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